About Fishing Charters of San Francisco

About Fishing Charter San Francisco

Salmon Fishing Charter, Tuna Fishing Charter, Crab Fishing Charter, Rock Cod Fishing Charter

At Fishing Charter San Francisco, you can find an amazing fishing experience, with qualified experts who will make sure that you enjoy your day and end up with a great catch of fish. We offer a great range of adventures to match any budget, so you can have the fishing adventure of your dreams without breaking the bank. There is nothing like the excitement of a big catch of fish, along with the relaxation and renewal you will get from being out in nature on one of our fishing charter adventures. Whether you are looking for a salmon fishing charter, a tuna fishing charter, a crab fishing charter, or a rock cod fishing charter, we have the fishing charter you want at the price you can afford at Fishing Charter San Francisco. Call us today for more information.

Just another day out on the ocean doing what we do best! Catching Fish!

Fishing Charters San Francisco

Trust the experts at Fishing Charter San Francisco to get you that big fish!

Fish migrate at different times during the year, so the different kinds of fish that we hunt on our San Francisco charter boats varies throughout the year. For instance, salmon can be fished many times during the year, from their freshwater hatching places to the Pacific Ocean and back again. Albacore tuna are fished during the summer months and early fall, when they go on their massive yearly migration. Crabs, on the other hand, are fished for during the late fall and early winter.

The fastest Boats!

We have the fastest charter boats in the San Francisco area, which can get us to the fishing sites as quickly as possible, so that we have as much time as possible to catch fish. When we get back to shore, the Fishing Charter San Francisco master chefs are ready to cook up the catch immediately. There is nothing fresher than fish that you just caught yourself, cooked and prepared right before you.

With Fishing Charter San Francisco, you can be confident that our San Francisco charter boats are the best quality and the utmost in safety. Our Captains are experienced professionals, and will do their utmost to ensure a pleasant and safe fishing experience. Our charter boats are also inspected and certified by the Coast Guard to be completely safe, giving you peace of mind on your fishing adventure. Our boats are also equipped with all the latest electronics and fish finding equipment. Whether you choose us for a salmon fishing charter, a tuna fishing charter, a crab fishing charter, a rock cod fishing charter, deep sea fishing charter, offshore fishing charter, or any other kind of fishing charter, we can assure you of an exciting and safe experience. Our top quality equipment, safety standards, convenient San Francisco location, and free all day parking, it is no wonder that Fishing Charter San Francisco is the number one choice for adventurous anglers looking for great fishing charter expeditions.

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