Fishing Charters for Rock Cod and Crab

Late fall and early winter is crab season at Fishing Charters San Francisco. We take our speediest vessels out to the Farallones Islands, so that you will have the most time possible to enjoy fishing. We first lay our crab traps, and we wait for them to catch the limit of 6 Dungeness crabs per person. While we wait, we fish for many other species of rock-dwelling fish, such as rock cod. Once the limit of crabs has been caught, we pull up the traps and make our way home. Back on shore, master chefs from Fishing Charters San Francisco are ready to prepare your delicious catch for you, so you can enjoy your crab and fish as fresh as it can possibly be.

  • We don’t think there’s anything more delicious than a meal of fish that was just caught! So call today:
Rock Fish Fishing Charter

Rock Fish Fishing Charter
Crab Fishing Charter

Crab Fishing Charter

Sport Fishing for Crab, Rock Cod and Rock Fish

Many people enjoy fishing, and many residents of the San Francisco area grew up fishing off a dock with their family members and friends. Many outdoorsy people are beginning to enjoy offshore and inshore fishing adventures with Fishing Charters of San Francisco, where they can engage sport fishing charters to take them on the outdoor adventure of their dreams and catch all the carb and rock fish you can eat. Whether you are interested in fishing for salmon, crab, rock cod, or tuna, we can make this happen for you at Fishing Charters of San Francisco. Our customers love the intense energy of the fishing trip, especially when it is combined with the relaxation of being out on the water. No matter your level of experience, Sport Fishing Charters San Francisco has the fishing adventure for you, whether you are a total beginner or an expert fisherman or fisherwoman.

We also serve the whole family, and at San Francisco Sport Fishing Charters all ages are welcome. Some of the services we provide are deep sea fishing charters, salmon fishing charters, crab fishing charters, tuna fishing charters, and sport fishing charters, just to mention a few. We can help you get a great catch, and whether you are interested in eating the freshest fish in the world or bragging to your friends about the big fish you caught, we will make this possible.

Trust our experienced crew for all your Rock Fish and Crab Charters in San Francisco

If you are looking for a really special fishing charter experience, you should look into our rock cod and crab sport fishing charter combo. Our versatile fishing boats at Sport Fishing Charters of San Francisco pursue the rock cod and crab wherever they are at the time. Give ourt crew a call today and find out why we are the best!

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