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San Francisco Sport Fishing

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

San Francisco Sport Fishing

San Francisco Salmon Sport Fishing, San Francisco Salmon Fishing Salmon

We use a combination of live bait of different varieties and artificial lures at San Francisco Sport Fishing Charters, as well as traps and lines, depending on the conditions, time of year, and type of fish being hunted. The variety of baits and fishing methods helps to ensure a successful fishing trip, as we are flexible enough to accommodate any fishing environment which may be occurring that day.

The type of fish that we hunt varies throughout the year, as the fish take their annual migrations. We monitor the fish and intercept their annual migratory patterns, but it must be remembered that fish are live creatures and are therefore somewhat unpredictable. If there is a particular type of fish that you are interested in catching, we recommend that you give us a call at San Francisco Sport Fishing Charters, and we can tell you what the fishing environment has been like for those fish recently. With our state of the art fish locating technologies at San Francisco Sport Fishing Charters, we can certainly find the fish if they are out there at all, but we do have to work with the fish’s own migration patterns.

San Francisco Sport Fishing Charters offers fishing adventures for any size group and for many possible lengths of time. We offer sport fishing charter trips of anywhere from a quarter of a day to overnight, or even a whole weekend, and many time increments in between.